Hello! My name is Robin Ulbredtch.  I live in Sandpoint, Idaho, with my husband, Steve, and our new puppy, Roxy. Our home is located about three blocks from beautiful Lake Pend O’reille. I was born in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, and have lived my whole life in northern Idaho. Though I have traveled to a few different places, I haven’t found any other place I would rather live.

I love the four seasons, the trees and the green vegetation that surround me everyday. In spring and summer I love seeing the green grass, the beautiful flowers people plant in their flowerbeds and the bright blue color of the lake as the sun makes it sparkle. I also love watching the autumn leaves turn beautiful colors and dance as the wind makes them move around and the sun light illuminates them from behind. It reminds me that no human being could ever create such a majestic scene. In winter the white snow covers the trees and the ground like a white blanket, making everything look bright and clean. God’s handiwork surrounds me, and I am reminded of it everyday. 

I was born in Bonners Ferry, and have lived my whole life in northern Idaho. I have been serving God in this area for many years, working in various ministries. I have worked with people of all ages, sharing Jesus Christ with those who would listen.

I completed my B. S. Degree in Education in 2012, and I hope to put it to use. I also love writing and teaching.  I love creating Biblical educational materials to help teach people of all ages about the Bible, Reading, and Language Arts. I also love arts and crafts, working on the computer, and doing desktop publishing. I look forward to putting this website together, and coming up with some activities to encourage others to dig deeper into God’s word. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you on the pages of this blog!

Whenever I quote scripture on this blog, it will be the King James Version. This is the Bible I use at home and it is copyright free as it is public domain. Though the “thees” and “thous” may be a bit confusing, I pray that God’s Holy Spirit will bring the understanding. In this, I’m not criticizing the King James version of the Bible because it is a valid version of the Bible and God works through His word regardless of the version!

I hope you enjoy the Testimonies, Tips, Tidbits and other items on this website. For more of my writing, see my other websites and blogs. There is a list of them in the footer area of this website.

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