Hello from Idaho!

My name is Robin Ulbredtch.  I live in Sandpoint, Idaho, with my dog, Roxy. I was born in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, and have lived my whole life in northern Idaho. Though I have traveled to a few different places, I haven’t found any other place I would rather live. God’s handiwork surrounds me, and I am reminded of it everyday. 

I have been serving and walking with God in this area since 1986, working in various ministries. I have worked with people of all ages, sharing Jesus Christ with those who would listen.

For many years, God has given me a vision for a Bible curriculum to teach God’s word to people of all ages. God called me to write for His glory, and I self-published my first book, Heart to heart: A Discipleship and Mentoring Plan around 2011. After that, I self-published a Bible study called “Behold Our Awesome God.” Later I did a compilation of articles written by a Christian brother, Curt Harvard, and the book “Hidden Treasures” was self-published.

Since the late 1980’s God has given me a vision for a curriculum for Christian schools and homeschoolers. God has slowly been giving me the pieces as I worked on my other books.

Presently, I am writing a book that began about Nehemiah but has been enlarged to teach about God’s judgment on Israel and Judah for their sin, and His deliverance and restoration of the Israelites in Jerusalem and Judea. As soon as this book is finished, I plan to begin working on the Bible Curriculum and some Discipleship training.

God has been moving on my heart to do this Bible curriculum and make it widely available to others through this website. I am truly disgusted with some of the things taught in our schools, because large amounts of the teaching material is deception and lies and creates nothing but confusion in the minds of our children.

I am also disgusted about the children being exposed to drugs, foul language, perversion, and other demonic spirits that intimidate, persecute, and threaten the lives of children because of their beliefs, gender, race or status of their family.

I am also heartbroken about the dangerous shootings taking place in our schools. Though some of them have been done by students, it has crossed my mind that the evil, democratic fanatics, some even former or present leaders of our nation, have been behind this activity, plotting to create fear in the hearts of the people, so they don’t stand up against the evil. Evidence has come out in congressional/judicial hearings that prove several of these people have betrayed the American citizens by doing evil, unlawful acts, but because of their money, they are not yet in prison, and are free to continue their evil works. They don’t care about U. S. citizens or the nation, and they are bringing destruction upon us. Therefore, they have no business being leaders or citizens in our nation. They belong in prison in the foreign country whose agenda they support. (Possibly China or Russia?)

But God knows the dilemma, and in His time, they will have to answer to Him for their destruction to the land and people. In God’s word, it says, “Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord. I know God’s judgment is righteous, and His vengeance can be much worse than any human can come up with.

I am also fed up with those who charge excessive fees for Christian schooling or teaching materials so that families cannot afford to pay for it for their children. Publishing Christian textbooks and student workbooks costs so much that it is prohibitive for authors to create and self-publish these items at a reasonable rate. Christian educational texts, workbooks, etc. should not cost so much that only wealthy people can afford them. They should be available to anyone who wants to learn.

I completed my B. S. Degree in Education from Liberty University in 2012, and I hope to put it to use. I also love writing and teaching.  I love creating Biblical educational materials to help teach people of all ages about the Bible, Reading, and Language Arts. I also love arts and crafts, working on the computer, and doing desktop publishing. I look forward to putting this website together and coming up with lessons and activities to encourage others to dig deeper into God’s word. I look forward to sharing God’s word, and the ideas and vision He has given me with you on the pages of this blog!

Whenever I quote scripture on this blog, it will be the King James Version because this version is public domain, which makes it copyright free. Though the “Thees” and “Thous” may be a bit confusing, I pray that God’s Holy Spirit will bring the understanding. You can also look up these passages in any Bible you have at home. This will help clarify the confusion. In this, I’m not criticizing the King James version of the Bible because it is a valid version of the Bible, and God works through His word regardless of the version!

I hope you also enjoy the Testimonies, Tips, Tidbits and other items on this website. For more of my writing, see my other websites and blogs. There is a list of them in the footer area of this website.

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the future as He works through me to create the pages of this website. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at getrobinu@gmail.com

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