Administrative Challenges:

      The category of Administrative Challenges encompasses a variety of situations in which the Church Leadership and/or Administrators put rules or policies in place that can actually hinder ministry in and out of the church. Don’t get me wrong, I believe rules and policies are vital to bring order to the church. Yet sometimes these governing polocies can hinder workers from ministering to their full capacity. Therefore, I believe, leaders who create the policies and rules should consider carefully how they will affect the outcome of the church ministry.

      The stories on the following Administrative Challenges pages are true experiences I encountered when working in church ministry. The purpose of sharing the stories is to illustrate how the challenges came about so others can learn to avoid them in their churches. They are not meant to place blame on anyone; nor to make the church look bad. We are all human and capable of placing stumbling blocks in front of others. I pray you will glean something valuable from these testimonies.