Children’s Capers Overview

Children’s Capers is a category of ministry challenges in which young children act up during times of teaching, in various Children’s Ministries. These stories are true but the names have been left out so no one will be teased or hurt by them. Many of these stories will remind Bible teachers about the antics they pulled in Sunday School or Church when they were small. This category of challenges provides a variety of stories in which children acted up in the church setting.

Some of the stories are humorous. Some stir up memories, others bring out a variety of other emotions. But my prayer is that these stories can teach lessons that will encourage or help other ministry workers. So, have fun reading these stories about the capers of children in church classes. The stories are listed in the sidebar according to category and alphabetical order. All of the stories are under the category of Testimonies, Tips, and Tidbits: Children’s Capers.