Escape to Pastor Dave’s Sermon

Escape to Pastor Dave’s Sermon

In Children’s Church one day we had two young visitors come to the door with their parents: a boy about six years old, and his older sister whom I believe was about eight years old. The children didn’t want their parents to leave them but I encouraged them to at least give it a try. With encouragement from their parents the children came into the room and, against their true desire, sat down as I prepared to begin the lesson.

While I taught, there were two other adults and several teen helpers watching the children. I even told the adult helpers to keep an eye on the visitors. But as soon as my lesson was finished, I noticed the newcomers were gone. I don’t know how but even with all of our helpers, somehow this girl and her younger brother managed to sneak out of the room. Now, 30 years later, I still have no idea how the two children got away. Apparently the older girl knew how to find her way back to her parents.

When I realized the two children were gone, I asked my helpers if they saw where the duo went. One of my helpers knew the children and their parents so I sent her to make sure the children had returned to their parents who were sitting in the sanctuary. Thank God those children were seated in the sanctuary next to their parents, listening to Pastor Dave’s sermon. (By the way, his sermons were excellent.)

After church my husband told me that two children had entered the sanctuary by the side door, and walked across the stage area when Pastor Dave was preaching his sermon. Needless to say, I was embarrassed when I found out the children interrupted the morning message.

These two children will never know the fun they missed out on that day, but I know they received something good from Pastor Dave’s sermon. The only difference was that the children ended up having to sit still and be quiet for about 45 minutes, when they could have been learning God’s word and having fun doing activities with other children. It always amazes me how we—even as children–will fight so intensely against the things which are truly good for us.

So never assume that, just because you have several helpers watching the class, you won’t have children escape from the classroom. As teachers, we must be aware at all times; yet even then children will escape. I thank God He knows everything, and He protects His own.