Punchout in the Men’s Room

Punchout in the Men’s Room

One day, during a routine bathroom run in children’s church, we found out we had no men or teenage boys to supervise the smaller boys in the restroom. Consequently, I left the outer door open so I could watch the boys and see as they came in and out of the stalls, washed their hands, and returned to class.

While I was waiting for the children to finish their business, suddenly I heard a big ruckus coming from the men’s room, so I quickly entered to see what the commotion was.

Upon my arrival, one older boy was holding his stomach, and a young red-headed boy was so angry his face almost matched the color of his hair. The other boys were all trying to talk to me at once to explain what had happened.

After listening to the witnesses one at a time, it turned out that the older boy (about 10) crowded in front of the younger red-haired boy (about 6) in the bathroom lineup. The younger lad got angry and punched the older boy in the stomach as hard as he could. The older boy even had tears in his eyes.

I sent all of the children (except the two boys) and my helpers back to class and addressed the two with bad behavior. Later I decided that, for the safety of everyone, my church leadership should be notified.

Both of the boys’ parents were notified of the incident, and they were kept out of children’s church for the rest of that day. I believe those boys were informed that, if they repeated their behavior, they would not be allowed in children’s church.

During my time leading children’s church, I never had a repeat of the bad behavior. However, I heard that the young pastor’s wife had it happen in her class as well. So, teachers, beware that you need to have men help in your classes, especially when it comes to supervising young boys in the men’s room.

It seems to me that men who volunteer to help with children’s ministry programs are a rare and needed commodity. This example is only one of many reasons why men should get involved in children’s ministry, and be Godly examples for the boys, including their own sons. Boys will listen better to a man who cares and tries to help them learn how to handle problems God’s way.