Billions of Books Where’s the Bible?

Billions of Books, but Where’s the Bible?

Most Bible curriculums help Christian teachers by providing stories and activities for class use. But one thing I’ve noticed is that some curriculums do not provide activities with “hands-on” training so the students can learn how to look up verses in the Bible. Nor do the curriculums provide opportunities that help the students become familiar with the books in the Bible. Sure, students do hear the Bible stories but can they find the passage in the Bible to share it with others? Do they know how to find the solutions to problems in the pages of the Bible? Do they know how God wants His people to live? These are principles that every Bible student needs to learn.

I understand that nursery, preschool and primary age students probably cannot read the Bible alone but the older children should learn how to use their Bibles.

Teaching students how to use their Bibles is one of the most important things teachers should do. By doing this, we enable our students to find answers to their questions and Biblical counsel to help them deal with the challenges they face in life and relationships. We need to teach our students that reading the Bible and establishing a relationship with God is a life-long journey.

There are many Christian books, on a multitude of subjects, in the marketplace today. This doesn’t even count the secular books. Within the billions of books available for purchase, only a hand-full teach people how to use their Bible.

What about our classes? Are we teaching our students how to use their Bibles?