Curriculum Challenges Overview

The curriculum challenges on the following pages originate from my personal experiences while working in Children’s Ministry for several years. The stories are true. I’m sharing these experiences in hopes that curriculum planners, designers, writers, and others will glean tips and tidbits to improve their materials. Also, I hope to encourage other Christian Bible teachers to share their experiences with curriculum as well. Together we can work to improve our teaching and materials so that everyone can benefit. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences and learn that God takes care of us regardless of our own human weaknesses.

I have been blessed by God as I have taught children the Bible over the years. Regardless of my weaknesses God’s word holds true. His word has not returned void. As I periodically see those whom I taught in Sunday School grow up and blossom in the Lord, I am blessed by the fact that God used me to work in the hearts of those small children who have now become adults and have families of their own. May God get the glory for all He is doing, has done, and will do in the future.