Schedule Omission:

When I volunteered to head up Children’s Church, I was blessed to hear that some parents here praying for someone to do a program or activity for the small children during the adult worship service.

I was also blessed with a large number of teens that wanted to help with the smaller children. Some–I found out later–were looking for a way to get out of attending the regular church service. Nevertheless, I made a schedule for the teen helpers, rotating them so each one would get a turn helping. Then I posted the schedule on a bulletin board in the foyer of our church.

I had a difficult time getting adults to help in Children’s Church so each week I would call people until I finally got a volunteer. I always had at least one other adult helper in the classroom. However, because I didn’t list adult helpers on the schedule for the teens, some of the parents complained and questioned whether or not I had adults in the classroom. Yet none of these adults approached me to discuss the situation. Instead, they went to the Pastor and complained.

So if you make a schedule of helpers for your ministry, you may want to be sure you include adults on your list to avoid problems. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this would become a problem until it came back on me. But be encouraged because God always watches over the classroom and covers the cracks. Nothing gets past His loving hand of protection!